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PAMAR’s annual Latin American Cultural Week (LACW), now on its 14th edition, reaches out to more than 50,000 individuals through a worldwide promotional and marketing campaign. Many institutions and artists throughout New York City participate hosting presentations of music, dance, film, theater, literature, visual and performing arts from or influenced by the diverse cultures of Latin America.  

Among them, we can mention The New York Public Library, Teatro Pregones, Empire State College, Brazilian Endowment for the Arts, Centro Civico Cultural Dominicano, Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance and Repertorio Español.

The LACW counts with the support of the office of City Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez, the Latin Media and Entertainment Commission, the Department of Cultural Affairs of the City of New York (DCA), Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC), EL Diario La Prensa, De Norte a Sur, Impacto Latin News and several corporate sponsors.




Tango is described as “souls sharing a dance with the same rhythm at the same time.”

“A three-minute romance,” filled with passion and adventure, Tango is beloved around the world.

The Shall We Tango NYC festival was created in 2014, in recognition of PAMAR’s 30th Anniversary, to promote Latin American culture through a series of world-class Tango events presented at some of New York City’s leading theaters and institutions. Our goal is to promote Tango, educate New Yorkers about the diversity of Tango styles and strengthen our community through the artform’s universal “embrace.” Click to view Mayor Bill de Blasio Letter




In 2012 PAMAR started Celebracion de la Cultura Hispana in Washington Heights & Inwood, a special initiative designed to drive community building and economic

development in northern Manhattan through the showcasing of world-class Latin American Cultural events in Northern Manhattan.



A Musical Journey Through Latin America Program Description

In accordance with the Blueprint For Teaching and Learning in the Arts developed under the direction of the New York City Board of Education, Pan American Musical Art Research, Inc. (PAMAR) creates “A Musical Journey Through Latin America”. This program brings the highest quality teaching-artists in Latin American music and arts to the schools, so that students can experience and build knowledge of music and culture that they carry with them in their futures. 

“A Musical Journey Through Latin America” is a 12-week residency that includes one 2 hour teacher’s development/planning session and a series of nine 45-minute sessions with two groups per school per day, and two culminating two hour sessions in which the students prepare for and perform a “Latin American Festival”. The program introduces Latin American music through its cultural roots, instruments and songs, allowing children to learn and appreciate the great influence it has had on our culture today. 

Single day workshops, Residencies of varying lengths, and outreach performances may be customized to fit your organization’s need. 

Our programs encourage kids of Latino heritage to build a deeper knowledge and pride in themselves; at the same time, we encourage and promote children of all ethnic backgrounds to acknowledge, respect and recognize the unique talents and treasures that every culture has to offer. The program is designed making standards connections and within the Department of Education’s Five Strands, allowing the classroom teachers and especially the arts teachers in the school to work simultaneously with the program on topics/themes, or with some specific cross-disciplinary instruction focusing on a common theme/concept. Bilingual program (English/Spanish) is optional.